Illmac & Dizaster Face As Condiments In The Animation Rap Battle

HipHop News Posted on May 30, 2018 at 1:00am

Illmac & Dizaster Face As Condiments In The Animation Rap Battle

Ketchup and Mustard are finally face-to-face for IllmacTV's new short animation.

Underground rapper and battle rap legend Illmac dropped an animated video on its YouTube channel on Monday (May 28) that represents a URL/KOTD battle style event going down on the inside of a refrigerator, between bottles of condiments. The raw fact of a cartoon, reminiscent of Adult Swim's lo-fi aesthetic, it presents the classic rivalry between the ketchup and mustard coming to a head.

The tomato sauce is the voice of the famous battle rapper a disaster, that the bars with lines like, "As you run with the butter/ My toast never jam and your partner of Smuckers." Illmac same play of Mustard and admirably has its own against the scowling, red opponent, "Somethin' squirtin' if I see the tomato sauce pack it/ And tear the top of a ketchup packet."

Illmac spoke to HipHopDX about the birth of this idea:

"I was smoking with the homie Bobby Bucher, boring in the study. I was making a sandwich ... And he came like, 'Yao we go to the battle as the Ketchup and Mustard.' We have fought in some high freestyle shit. After a couple of months ago I was brainstorming ideas for the new YouTube series and it appeared in my head. I knew that I pull it out of the way that I wanted it had to be a cartoon ... to maintain more of a surreal, unique atmosphere."

Illmac is to treat this as a pilot for a potential series. "We are going to store around to see what you can actually do with it. We are super hyped on the final product," he says.

He explained that there are several other episodes mapped out, and, while he can't confirm one way or another what is going to make the final cut, some of the ideas that have been thrown around are 'Cat vs Dog,' 'Lisa vs Man Bun' and 'Peanut Butter vs Jelly.'

The short was produced by Illmac and Andres Salaff, who also did the animation. Illmac and a disaster recorded the voicework along with the rapper/veteran of the battle organizer Lush One, who played the box of baking soda accommodation of the battle. Chase Moo


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