Is 2 Chainz Salty About Eminem "Revival Guest List?

HipHop News Posted on December 6, 2017 at 6:22am

Is 2 Chainz Salty About Eminem "Revival Guest List?

If the fan of the theory of the's right maybe you'll show in the double LP.

There has been a wave of negative comments about the list of songs from Eminem's new album, the Renaissance, with the biggest complaint being the lack of rap features, save for the Brooklyn Phresher. An artist who seemed as surprised as many fans expressing their disgust through social media was the rapper 2 Chainz.

In an Instagram post that simply included three emojis (eyes, angry face and punch), it is not clear if This is annoying for your feature did not make the cut, or the list of songs in general.


A post shared by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on December 5, 2017, at 7:51pm PST

Based on the information provided during the interviews of this summer, it might be the first.

The Pretty Girls As the Music of the Trap that the rapper had confirmed a collaboration on the next album this past summer, take a picture with Em and the retelling of the experience of the recording of the song in an interview with DJ Drama the Streetz Is watching the television.

"Is that I know that I can rap," 2 Chainz mentioned when talking about the experience. What I was originally going to be a hook became a stanza, that Em apparently approved. "When he finished, Eminem walked up to me and said, 'Man, how the hell did that rhyme tabernacle with the Adam's apple?'"

Then he said Drama is a real issue, "He has a project." However, later again sold in history during a Hot 97 interview, claiming that he had no knowledge of the collab. "I don't know anything".

Maybe 2 Chainz was well aware that his song would not make the cut, such as the deployment of Revival seems to be very calculated. Another possibility is that 2 Chainz is trying to throw fans off the track.

A popular fan theory suggests that the Revival is a double album, with the second album, more Hip Hop-centric. This would make sense as the lack of features of some of the Em of the latest signees — namely, the Boogie, to the West of the city of


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