Jam Master Jay’s Alleged Killer Once Arrested For Shooting Run-DMC DJ’s Nephew

HipHop News Posted on October 22, 2022 at 4:59pm

Jam Master Jay’s Alleged Killer Once Arrested For Shooting Run-DMC DJ’s Nephew

Authorities have re-entered the arrest into evidence, despite charges being dropped against the alleged culprit in 2003.

Jam Master Jay‘s nephew was allegedly shot by one of his uncle’s accused of killers less than a year after the Run-DMC DJ was gunned down.

The allegation was re-entered into evidence as part of the case against Karl Jordan. Jr., who was arrested in 2020 for shooting Jam Master Jay’s nephew Rodney “Little Dee” Jones. According to Billboard, at the time of Jordan’s arrest, Jones identified him as the gunman who had shot him in the leg on Hollis Ave in May 2003.


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However, Karl Jordan was eventually released due to a lack of cooperation from his victim. New court documents indicate that federal prosecutors believe the reason behind Jones’ shooting was that he had recorded a song identifying his uncle’s killers, VLAD TV reports.

In addition to the shooting, the new documents offer additional details about what may have led to Jam Master Jay’s murder. Authorities believe that after asking the famed DJ (real name Jason Mizell) to help him get into the cocaine business, Karl Jordan received a small amount of the substance as a test to see if would be able to handle large quantities.


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At the time, Jordan was an aspiring rapper who performed under the name Young Yadi as part of a group called Rich Fly Gee$. Following a rising trend across the country, authorities are hoping to have some of Karl Jordan’s lyrics admitted into evidence, including one song where he raps: “We aim for the head, no body shots/ And we stick around just to see the body drop.”

Prosecutors believe that he befriended his co-defendent Ronald “Tinard” Washington after the latter, a known drug dealer from Queens, returned home after serving a 10-year prison sentence in Maryla


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