JAY-Z AND Beyonce Tour Announced, And Then Quickly Deleted

HipHop News Posted on March 5, 2018 at 3:26am

JAY-Z AND Beyonce Tour Announced, And Then Quickly Deleted

Is the cat out of the bag?

The rumors have been circulating around for a while now, suggesting that JAY-Z and Beyoncé were cooking something together. On Monday (5 March), fans were given a glimmer of hope about a possible tour, though it was quickly retracted.

The date of opening of the On the run 2 Tour — supposedly it will take place on Monday, July 30 in Philadelphia at the Lincoln Financial Field — was included in the Queen Bey Facebook and Ticketmaster. However, it was soon deleted, but not before fans could notice and collectively freak out.

Take all my money Bey and Jay! In race 2 TOUR??? IF that is real, EVERYTHING! pic.twitter.com/XZjQqse1iy

— Ethan  Krane (@theEthanKrane) March 5, 2018

When Jay and Bey published In race 2 of the pre-sale of tickets, but then deleted pic.twitter.com/v10nPgGD6B

— Thugnificent 💕 (@illostrator) March 5, 2018

Live look at people checking their bank accounts, so In race 2 pic.twitter.com/w97InrwxHM

— Francis Bernard (@Francisco4x) March 5, 2018

Welp I guess ticket master does not sign a "Non-Disclosure" 😭 In race 2 pic.twitter.com/3oG2zf8SKX

— t' challa (@iamxtrai) March 5, 2018

When you know very well that you can't afford the luxury of tickets to the On The Run 2 Tour, but he also knows very well that you're going to be in that concert. pic.twitter.com/DFcMzLBAZN

— DevinTea (@thedevintea) March 5, 2018

In The Race 2. Not Bey and Jay did not! Oh my gawd pic.twitter.com/YWeXwiOnzY

— Check 4 a neck@Beyoncemyroc) March 5, 2018

1) Beyoncé shouts "Free Meek" at the Top

2) Beyoncé announces In race 2 the date of the trip, but only in Philly

Is this concert is going to have something to do with Meek Mill? pic.twitter.com/mJlSlTtA60

— chickfiltay (@tcaxo_) March 5, 2018

We'll keep you posted once we hear more about what is going on with the possible tour.


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