Joe Budden does not Believe that Eminem Is dissing Him On "Chloraseptic" Remix

HipHop News Posted on January 10, 2018 at 7:00am

Joe Budden does not Believe that Eminem Is dissing Him On "Chloraseptic" Remix

Nothing to see here.

Joe Budden denied rumors that Eminem is dissing him in the "Chloraseptic" remix on Wednesday (January 10) edition of The Joe Budden Podcast. In marked contrast to its decoding of the supposed disses in Drake's "4PM IN Calabasas," Budden didn't hear the shots to him on the Eminem song.

The conversation began with his co-hosts Rory and Wrong saying, "I think that the whole world dissed Em, and now Strange is mad at you." Budden joked again, "I think that Em is dissing y'all, Akademiks, Ice." Shortly after the jokes fired, Budden adopted a more serious tone of voice when referring specifically to the newly released remix, which features 2 Chainz and PHresher.

"So here is my question: why do people think that he is talking about me? Because I found out that in the end". Rory and Mal responded that he has been "at the forefront" of a lot of conversations over the past year and affecting the crop.

Budden defended himself, saying: "I could not have broken the album that I have ever heard. And I was the only person to the defence of the list of tracks. So much so, that the niggas said, " Oh, Joe, dickridin man. The bias. You are not going to say a nun.'"

He also touched on his beef with D12 member Bizarre, adding, "I'm not from 2018 to reinforce the shit out Strange on my second shit of the podcast, let me be clear."

The drama began when Eminem dropped the "Untouchable" one. Budden had some harsh words about Slim Shady song, calling it "garbage".

Listen to the entire podcast below.


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