Joe Budden Uses of Drake, the Medication Against Him to "Wake up"

HipHop News Posted on July 6, 2016 at 1:31am

Joe Budden Uses of Drake, the Medication Against Him to "Wake up"

And hit him with the "Back to Back" auction "do not send a text message, I don't care y'all mad Shit, I waited five days nigga where y'all from?"

New York, NY - Drake may be too large to respond to Joe Budden and his incessant disrespect but you had best believe that this is a calculated war for the Mouse.

After last week's "the making of a Killer (Pt. 1)" do not get out of anyone else in the OVO camp (at least publicly), Budden returns with "Wake", a more specific hollow-point that brings to light many of Drake, the alleged brightness of theft of tactics to keep himself in the spotlight and those around him in the shadows.

The record's cover art uses that infamous Rougned Odor, Jose Bautista cold clock and given the lyrical anecdotes included in the song, was an appropriate choice for a photo-op.

Remember Drake, in his appearance on Fetty Wap's "My Way (Remix)" video? Of course not. Never happened. Joe brings it up. The Weeknd and ILoveMakkonen have since branched out on his own, after getting up underneath the 6ix god. Joe brings that up too. Even Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree gets thrown into the equation. Joe (and araabMUZIK, once again, used the small Crocker recipes for cooking this slander stew.

Only two questions remain: 1) Will Drake respond and 2) Joe will never leave you in any way?

Listen to "Wake up" below, and determine their own conclusions, for now.

The lyrics of the song courtesy of Genius can also be found below. (Joey has already verified and everything. Hell, he probably pre-sent). Let the record show that there is mention of Hollow Da Don, either.

[Intro: Kenny Powers]Joe Budden!Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Kenny Powers. If you're here and you're someone Shane cared about, or someone Shane loved. Or maybe you're just someone that doesn't have to be here all those here only because you think that it will make it more popular. You know, Shane and I to fuck all big. We fuckin' party hard. We like to ride our vehicles around. Kill ass

[Verse 1]My condolences, my deepest condolences

The whole family in mourning I send my condolence


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