Joyner Lucas says that He Was not Calling Any of the Rappers In "the Mask" Remix

HipHop News Posted on June 4, 2017 at 12:15pm

Joyner Lucas says that He Was not Calling Any of the Rappers In "the Mask" Remix

EXCLUSIVE: The Massachusetts, the rapper also updates your position with Logic and gives the details of his new project, the name of your own phone number.

The Rap beef is not always beef today. Sometimes, it's just a friendly competition. Insert of 28 years, Joyner Lucas the Worcester, Massachusetts, whose recent "Mask" remix had everyone assuming that he was dissing this generation of high level of the artists. This includes Lil Yachty, Logic, Future, Kendrick Lamar, and mumble rappers as a whole.

On Friday (2 June), HipHopDX hopped on the phone with the newly signed Atlantic Records MC to the set of things.

"The 'Mask' register is not calling me to any of the rappers," Luke shares. "I was alone. . . I guess to be competitive. But, at the same time, I just want to be Joyner. I was just spazzing. I don't feel as if I flame or disrespect anyone. I felt like I was talking to my shit, just to be competitive. But it was nothing like I was calling out rappers on some disrespectful shit."

In the opening line of the record, Joyner raps, "I don't drink no fucking Percocets / Molly, Percocets / there is No ecstasy, promethazine / No read, no purple mess / Not dirty Sprite but bitch, I got that Kyrie Irving step / If you do not believe that I am the shit, it's just that I do not heard yet, / I'm 'bout to put my mask, my mask / Stick all these industry niggas until that money is gone."

Contrary to what many can boast of these letters, Joyner, in the following manner, "I am a big fan of Future. I'm a really big fan of Future. I am a big fan of Kendrick."

For the record, Joyner does not consider the Future of a mumble rapper at all and explains why he wanted to jump on the virus of the flute-heavy production.

"The future of the drug," he says. "'The mask' was the most relevant of the song. I knew that people were going to gravitate towards it. Not really had a lot of free to that record. I just wanted to just jump in. And I always liked that beat from the moment I heard it."

At the 0:51 mark, Joyner challenges rappers, including Maryland's own Logic. "Don't get too close to me with prob


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