Kanye West Calls For Artists To Unify While Laying Out Potential Future Contract Guidelines

HipHop News Posted on September 20, 2020 at 8:22am

Kanye West Calls For Artists To Unify While Laying Out Potential Future Contract Guidelines

Kanye hopes other artists follow in his footsteps when brokering their deals.

Kanye West has been on a crusade to remake the music business, get his masters back and terminate his contracts with Universal and Sony. Following a series of meetings with lawyers and label higher-ups, Kanye laid out how he imagines future artist contracts to look in a Twitter rant Sunday (September 20).

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There are 5 main pillars in a professional musicians business Recording Publishing Touring Merchandise & Name and likeness

— ye (@kanyewest) September 20, 2020

He divided the contract into eight guidelines with the first being artists owning their recordings and leasing them on a year-by-year basis to labels and the second being an “80/20” split between the artists and publisher.

1. The artist owns the copyright in the recordings and songs and leases them to the record label / publisher for a limited term. 1 year deals

— ye (@kanyewest) September 20, 2020

2. The record label / publisher is a service provider that receives a share of the income for a limited term. The split can be 80/20 in the artists favor

— ye (@kanyewest) September 20, 2020

The rest dive into dependents and lawyers’ involvement in deals, which he feels should be to make things more profitable fo


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