Kanye West Finally Answers Kimmel Triumph Question And Apology For Slavery Comment

HipHop News Posted on August 29, 2018 at 4:22am

Kanye West Finally Answers Kimmel Triumph Question And Apology For Slavery Comment

'You, too, insists that there's "no beef" with Drake following Pusha T's "History of Adidon."

Chicago, IL – Kanye West sat down for an interview with 107.5 WGCI in Chicago on Wednesday (August 29). During the candid conversation, 'Ye finally delivered a response to the Triumph of the question that seems taken out of him on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the beginning of this month.

Kimmel wanted to know what made Kanye think Trump cares about black people or people in general.

"I think [Trump] is concerned with the way black people feel about him, and that he would like for black people to like him, as they did when he was fresh on the rap songs and all this," he explained. "He's going to do the things that are necessary to make that happen, because he has an ego like the rest of us, and he wants to be the best president.

"He knows that he may not be the greatest president without the acceptance of the black community. So, it is something that is going to work towards, but we're going to have that talk with him."

Kanye West cries during live at WGCI during a long awaited apology for his recent statements. Tune in to WGCI Morning with Leon Rogers, Kendra G and Kyle tomorrow for the second part of our EXCLUSIVE Kanye West Interview! WGCI.com 🎥: @actheplug – @begloriousdarryl

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As was the interview, Kanye also addressed his controversial interview on TMZ Live where he made the statement, "Slavery in the 400 years that sounds like an option."

"In reality he never approached or spoke to the slavery comment fully, and is not something that I over-intellectualize," he said. "This is something about the fact that hurting the feelings of the people and the way in which I presented that piece of information.

"I could get out of a way more calm, but I was climbing. And I apologize. That happens sometimes, when people are — I'm not blaming the mental health, but I am explaining mental health."

He continued, "I don't know if I properly apolog


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