Kanye West Reaffirms Its Allegiance To Donald Trump: "I am a Black Man With A Red [MAGA] Hat'

HipHop News Posted on March 26, 2020 at 4:02am

Kanye West Reaffirms Its Allegiance To Donald Trump: "I am a Black Man With A Red [MAGA] Hat'

Here we go again.

Kanye West has been laying relatively low since his questionable interview to TMZ Live and wild Twitter outbursts last year. But, obviously, he's going to speak to the chosen few.

This time, the lone artist sat down for an interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine and, once again, reaffirmed their devotion to Donald Trump. .centered-ad {

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The article, called "The Creation and the Myth of Kanye West," is the most recent publication of the cover story. The writer notes Kanye is not registered to vote, nor does he "follow the policy". However, it is a great Triumph fan.

"I am a black man with a red [MAGA] hat, can you imagine?", said. "It reminded Me of how I felt as a black man before I was famous, when I was walking in a restaurant and people would look at you like you are going to steal something. 'This is your place, You, not to mention the clothes. This is the place for you, You, you're black, you're a Democrat.'"



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