Kathleen Hanna Honors Husband, the King Ad-Rock & Chuck D With Tees 4 TOGO Line

HipHop News Posted on October 25, 2018 at 2:00am

Kathleen Hanna Honors Husband, the King Ad-Rock & Chuck D With Tees 4 TOGO Line

#DXCLUSIVE: The punk-rock feminist icon also dishes on one of his favorite albums, Public Enemy's "Fear of A Black Planet."

Punk-rock feminist icon Kathleen Hanna jokes that their new t-Shirts 4 TOGO t-shirt line is causing problems at home with her Beastie Boy husband Ad-Rock. The line, which was released earlier this month, has several designs with the art and/or faces of celebrities, such as the Public Enemy of Chuck D, the King Ad-Rock, Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Grimes and Hanna herself.

After a recent launch party, the Riot Grrl pioneer noticed the Ad-Rock t-shirts they were selling more than yours.

"We had a party the other night, and we have built in the shop in this small room in our house, and sold t-shirts," Hanna tells HipHopDX. "The next morning, we were looking at the batteries that were left and I was like, 'There are only three Ad-Rock and there are like 12 Kathleens.' What is going on? [laughs].

"Then I looked on the website of the shop to see in two days how much we sold, and I was like, 'He beat me again.' But in reality Chuck is a great seller, and I am very happy because I've been wearing the shirt a lot. I love that shirt."

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Free t-shirt to anyone who guesses where I am. @tees4togo

A post shared by Kathleen Hanna (@mskathleenhanna) on October 18, 2018 at 3:12 pm PDT

Hanna has always had an affinity for Public Enemy, so I put the group's mastermind in the front of one of the t-shirts made perfect sense.

"Fear of A Black Planet was so big for me," he admits. "I used to listen to on my rest days with Bikini Kill when we were on tour. I would like to jog to sort of get rid of stress. I'd like to hear Fear of A Black Planet on repeat in my Walkman cassette [laughs]. Alongside Bob Marley, this was the first music I heard where the political message is and how good the music had a full hand with each other.

"Very often the music suffers, but the art and the beauty, and the art can suffer 'cause you're trying to get this idea across. I definitely had songs that I feel like that c


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