Katt Williams Hangs Up The Culture Of The Creators Of Brunch To Imitate Andre Harrell

HipHop News Posted on June 29, 2016 at 7:13pm

Katt Williams Hangs Up The Culture Of The Creators Of Brunch To Imitate Andre Harrell

Pure comedy with a message.

Beverly Hills, CA - For better or worse, Katt Williams always knows how to make a scene.

Fortunately, during this past weekend of the Culture of the Creators of a Brunch at Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotel, which honored veterans of the music mogul Andre Harrell, among several others, the oft-controversial comedian was in good behavior mode when you put the Revolt Vice president of TV and Media (a registered trademark of bee glasses and accepted his award, while imitating his character.

The culture of the Creators' founder and Senior Vice president of Marketing and Brand Partnerships of Atlantic Records ' Joi Pitts, he tried his best to keep a straight face as you read through the Harrell pre-ceremonial speech as Williams surprised everyone and stood at the podium, the time (and humble) grabbing the award and the delivery of a speech of his own.

Remarkably, Williams has managed to keep its comedy while still recognizing the merit of the event and Harrell's contributions to the culture.

"Sometimes the culture that is created is the destruction of another culture," said Williams, of the pipe of the Harrell. "Sometimes, a culture is extinct as a culture is coming. We know that it is important for the Hip Hop die every four years, so it was again that same year," he said, drawing uproarious laughter. "It is a cycle! And I, Andre Harrell, I know because I've been through the upper part of the Motown, in the center, I was so tired of being the largest of all the places that I visited and I said, " I'm going to start a Revolt.'"

However, it was Williams ' conclusion that really describes the importance of the Culture of the Creators of the existence and overcome the stupidity of his show stealing antics when he recognized that there was no substitute for a true legacy.

"This honor is an honor just because of who is doing the honor. You can go to any part of this [BET] weekend and you see a group of celebrities all congratulating themselves o


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