Kevin Gates And Boosie Badazz Entourages Of Scrap Metal On The Stage

HipHop News Posted on May 10, 2016 at 4:00pm

Kevin Gates And Boosie Badazz Entourages Of Scrap Metal On The Stage

A lot of bad blood to spill that starts at Boot.

Louisville, KY - During the weekend, the people associated with Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates, according to reports, got into a physical confrontation on the stage.

The fight apparently fell in Louisville, Ky., where the two rappers were performing their Derby Acquisition Pt. 2 sets on Friday, May 6.

Although the leaked video footage is not entirely clear, it seems to be a melee on the stage. The rumors say that Boosie's Badazz Ent. and Gates BWA fought, resulting in Doors DJ Ron getting liquidated.

Boosie seemed to be undeterred from the fight, insisting that the show will continue.

"Clear the stage, I ain't stopping shit" Boosie he exclaimed before getting to his hit single "Wipe Me Down".

Boosie and Gates do not seem to fight in the video.

XXL reports that the two sides have bad blood that dates back to 2009, when an affiliate of Doors named Nussie was killed and a man said that Boosie ordered a hit. Boosie was found not guilty of those charges in 2012. Gates and Boosie in addition, it is reported that you have a friend in common, of the imprisoned Lee Lucas, and have avoided the meat because of him.

See the video below and come to your own conclusions.


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