King Von & Fivio Foreign's Combine Worlds Of Chicago & NY Drill On Menacing 'I Am What I Am'

HipHop News Posted on October 9, 2020 at 9:59am

King Von & Fivio Foreign's Combine Worlds Of Chicago & NY Drill On Menacing 'I Am What I Am'

Chicago meets Brooklyn.

With King Von delaying his Welcome to O’Block album until the end of the month (October 30), the Chicago rhymer still decided to flood the streets with a hard-hitting single instead. Von connected with Brooklyn’s Fivio Foreign on Friday (October 9) to combine the drill worlds of Chicago and New York on “I Am What I Am.”

Fivio sets the tone with a fiery opening verse where he pays homage to his Canarsie running mate in the late Pop Smoke..centered-ad {

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“Forever Pop, we ain’t never gettin’ cool with the opps/I get the money, I do it a lot (I get the money, I do it a lot)/I got it on me, he gettin’ shot (Bow)/We ain’t give a fuck about the cops/I’m that Woo, you know what to do,” Fivio raps over the grimy ChopSquadDJ production.



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