KRS-One: "The Ruling Class Of the White People Are Psychopaths"

HipHop News Posted on April 13, 2016 at 5:00am

KRS-One: "The Ruling Class Of the White People Are Psychopaths"

"The criminal elements of White society," KRS-One says, "governs the White society."

When asked about the police brutality in modern America, KRS-One, looks back through hundreds of years. To understand cases like that of Trayvon Martin, the Boogie Down Productions rapper examines the foundation on which america was built.

"Let's start with the fact that some White people and I say some White people, you're going to see what I'm saying at the end of this statement – certain White people, like every culture, has a criminal element," KRS-One says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "The negroes are not different. Asians are not different. Native American is no different. Latinos, Arabs is no different. Everyone has a criminal element to their culture. When I say 'criminal', it means that the common laws of humanity, the things that humans do not know that they are bad, but sometimes you have to do it anyway. To take the risk. Things like the murder. Even the murderer knows that murder is wrong. Theft. Even the thief knows he is stealing. This is the criminal element in our society. We have people who kill and steal and lie and cheat and try to get their own self-interest done at any cost, even if it is at the expense of his own family. So I have this element in humanity, but when it comes to White people in particular, the criminal element of their society governs his society, and this is the problem. The criminal elements of White society governs the White society, and so, the most basic of human beings who just happen to be White are harassed by the criminal element in their own society."

KRS-One points to Europe of the so-called Dark Ages, when the crime became the governing force of the society and the continent away from the divine right of kings the doctrine (and other similar), who ruled a large part of the world for thousands of years. It was during this time, he says, that the psychopaths who came to power. These people are characterized by antisocial, lack of empathy and remorse.

"The ruling class of the White pe


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