KXNG Crooked & Mickey Factz Enter The Royce Da 5’9 + Lupe Fiasco 'Beef'

HipHop News Posted on June 29, 2021 at 11:52am

KXNG Crooked & Mickey Factz Enter The Royce Da 5’9 + Lupe Fiasco 'Beef'

Crooked I called out the 'Food & Liquor' MC for biting a line from his 2012 freestyle.

Royce Da 5’9 was feeling nostalgic last week when he posted a 2016 clip of Redman rapping along to “Flesh” off the Detroit native’s Layers album.

After HipHopDX published a story about Redman anointing Royce one of Hip Hop’s G.O.A.T.s, the former Slaughterhouse MC posted a screenshot of the headline to Instagram and playfully taunted both Lupe Fiasco and Mickey Factz in the process.

“Dear @lupefiasco you don’t get to anoint people, yet… Sit down somewhere,” he wrote in the caption. “You and @mickey.factz Nobody was talking to either one of you n-ggaz in the first place [laughing emoji]. Y’all just injected y’all selves into real Mc killer business… Y’all r great lyricists but y’all are FAR from killers.”

As a spirited debate exploded in the comment section, Mickey Factz slid in and said, “And you are definitely one of Hip Hop’s goats sir.”


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Royce Da 5’9 and Lupe Fiasco continued taking shots at each other on social media and one seemed to land harder than the other.

“This @lupefiasco coming outta karate class on his way to a gunfight with one of them weak ass swords CC: @mickey.factz,” Royce wrote on Instagram, to which Lupe replied, “What can I say I’m just a martial artist. I thought you could relate seeing how you just a Marshall artist,” a clear jab at Royce’s close friendship with Eminem.

Mickey Factz then told Lupe, “ay bruh relax man lololol.”


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The brief spar session eventually caught the attention on another prolific MC — the one and only KXNG Crooked who tweeted the exchange and called out Lupe for biting his line from a 2012 freestyle, writing, “I see my line has been remixed.”

I see my line has been remixed https://t.co/o4sBHbyI5C



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