Lauryn Hill Cousin who is Facing Jail Because of Their $70K

HipHop News Posted on November 25, 2019 at 11:05am

Lauryn Hill Cousin who is Facing Jail Because of Their $70K

The cousins have been fighting in the courts since June of 2018. Let's the hope of the family can work. Nobody likes it when family feuds.

The financial issue between Lauryn Hill and his cousin has come to a new level as Gerald Hill could face jail time if he doesn't cough his bank records.

In an article published by The Explosion, a New Jersey judge found the L-Boogie cousin went against their rights by refusing to deliver your bank documents. Should your cousin $ 70,000 to a loan in which she states that she never came. According to a court order, if the financial documents are not delivered within 10 days a warrant for your arrest will be sent..centered-ad {

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This battle of the cousins that has been going on since June of 2018, when Mrs. Hill sued his neighbour for the loan of $65,000 in June of the previous year. You signed a contract stating that he would pay the money back in September of 2017, and if they were paid prior to that date, no interest will accrue. If you missed the deadline, a 10 percent annual interest simple would be included in the bill.

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