Lil B Drops 34-Track "Options" Mixtape

HipHop News Posted on October 17, 2018 at 10:07am

Lil B Drops 34-Track "Options" Mixtape

A lot of Basedgod.

Lil B, once released a mixtape with 855 songs, so as to eliminate one of the with more than 30 cuts is not the great thing. The positivity of the preaching rapper provides fans with almost three dozen tracks on his new project, Options.

The former member of the Package of the latest work features 34 songs, including his boomin Metro collaboration "My House". Lil B's alter-ego, The Basedgod is the only guest on the tape.

Check out Lil B, the Options of the sequence, the cover art and the tracklist below.

1. Standing Ova Intro f. The Basedgod

2. Drank in His Lean f. The Basedgod

3. 4 The Role

4. Rebound 4 Dem Hunedz

5. Hot Girl

6. Skreet Nigga

7. Shake It Move It f. The Basedgod

8. Ycfmb

9. BasedGod Ish

10. Based On Race

11. This Is the BasedGod

12. I Have Options That Way

13. Jumanji f. The Basedgod

14. I'm on a Mission f. The Basedgod

15. Life is a Journey f. The Basedgod

16. Return of the Mac

17. By Any Means

18. G Eazy f. The Basedgod

19. Run Bandz Up f. The Basedgod

20. Stand Down

21. Look Up Interlude

22. Money in My Spirit Ouu

23. She Comes Every Day

24. Real Vibes f. The Basedgod

25. My Shoes In My

26. Work Light

27. Respect Us

28. Facetime Remix

29. Dolla for Dolla

30. Collection of f. The Basedgod

31. Dancer Based Freestyle f. The Basedgod

32. 420 Anthem f. The Basedgod

33. Yes

34. My House f. The Basedgod


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