Lil Heaven Ink Publishing Agreement With Sony/ATV Music

HipHop News Posted on April 5, 2018 at 10:03am

Lil Heaven Ink Publishing Agreement With Sony/ATV Music

Congratulations to Lil Heaven!

Up-and-coming rap star Lil Heaven has sealed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing after the success of his first album of study of the Life Of A Rose. The album, which reached #10 on the Billboard 200 chart, also got two Hot 100 hits with "Today" and "Red Roses", with Landon Cube.

"Heaven is special", Sony/ATV Vice president, Ian Holder said in a statement. "As much as we love what you are doing now, I think he is just scratching the surface. I think that when we are able to look at the body of his work years from now, we'll find an artist that continues to evolve."

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The 19-year-old Pennsylvania native has signed a contract with Atlantic Records through Artist Partners Group last summer before embarking on their own journey, which has recently canceled due to health problems. Although not specified in the affliction, of the Heavens' star power continues to rise. He has recently published a new music video for the Life Of A Rose of the opening cut, "Welcome To The Rodeo" (which happens to be produced by #DXHitList Sessions invited Taz Taylor) executed by the growing director Cole Bennett. He recently dropped his new single "Creeping", with a Rich Child.

"The signature with Sony/ATV was a change of life for me," the #DXLive alum announced in a statement. "We are on the verge of making history."


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