Little brother Back! O. K., Not Really, But Listen To This Unreleased Song

HipHop News Posted on August 2, 2017 at 12:49pm

Little brother Back! O. K., Not Really, But Listen To This Unreleased Song

It's not a reunion but it's the next best thing.

Durham, NC – it really would be a memorable occasion if the Little Brother that I never got to meet. While that's not likely to happen in the future, LB fans appreciated the Rapper Big Pooh to give them the closest thing to a meeting.

Pooh decided to unleash a hidden gem from the vaults in the form of a by phonte collaboration titled "Seinfeld (Go)", produced by Swiff D.

"I've heard Swiff D work the first time when he put me on Pac Div," Pooh wrote on SoundCloud. "I became a fan instantly. I went and got some joints from him, because I like to work with the drugs, next, talented and fabulous ass people. It's 2010 and I start to really find where I want to go sound wise for my next album and started to lock up Swiff D joints. I threw a quick exit, three short verses telling three separate stories. I needed a hook to make it all make sense, hence the title. This reminded me of the series "Seinfeld," does not necessarily have to start at episode one, but all the episodes made sense in the grand scheme of the show. Hit Me by phonte for the assistance. A couple of weeks and strip it back to me. Can't stop playing this set. I was doing solo shows and performing this set, I just knew that was going to be the first single from Dirty Pretty Things. I wanted people to take a look and be ready for when it did fall officially."

Unfortunately, the relationship between by phonte and Pooh was bitter. As a result, the track does not appear on the last LP.

"The top of 2011 came and shit changed in a hurry," Pooh continued. "Little brother, officially and to me, and Tay they didn't even speak. I put the blinders on and focused on finishing my album. A couple of months and I get to the point of reducing what I have that I intend to keep prior to the start of the mix. I've come across from this joint. Tay and I are still not speaking but he gave me his blessing to put the joint with him. My ego and my pride. I didn't want people to say that this joint was t


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