Mac Miller Friend Responds to Ariana Grande the Intervention of the Attempts of

HipHop News Posted on September 11, 2018 at 6:05am

Mac Miller Friend Responds to Ariana Grande the Intervention of the Attempts of

"She was a fucking G in it."

Mac Miller friend of Shane Powers talked of the end of the decade Pittsburgh, the rapper's relationship with Ariana Grande in a recent episode of The Shane Show podcast.

During the episode, it is revealed that the princess of pop played a key role in the support of Miller sobriety.

"They were very much in love," Powers said. "I have to say that it was amazing when for the first time sobriety. She was a fucking G in it. I couldn't have anyone else to support him being sober of Ariana. I saw that. I was around them. I took phone calls from her. "How can I help? What should I do?' This girl was incredibly involved and helpful in him being healthy.

"If he is an addict or not, the way in which Mac's party was not healthy. But I gotta tell you, man, there was no one in his life, more ready to go to the wall for him when it came to him, to be sober and she was amazing stabilizing force in her life, and she was deeply useful and effective in the maintenance of Mac sober and helping you to achieve sobriety. She was all about him being healthy. Period. In this area of your life."

Large has been relatively silent since Miller is death last week. Up to now, has posted a picture of her deceased boyfriend in your Instagram account.

Miller died on Friday (September 7) of a suspected overdose. As the news circulated, several people blamed his death, citing his Possible downfall and his quick engagement to SNL actor Pete Davidson.

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In May, Large suggests Miller substance abuse problems played a role in their division.

"The absurdity of minimize women's self-respect and self-esteem by saying that a person should stay in a toxic relationship, because he wrote an album about them, which by the way is not the case (only Cinderella is ab me)," he wrote on twitter. "I'm not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel


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