Machine Gun Kelly Accused Of Riding Eminem Stan Altercation

HipHop News Posted on September 19, 2018 at 5:41am

Machine Gun Kelly Accused Of Riding Eminem Stan Altercation

You be the judge.

Greensboro, NC – Machine Gun Kelly is being accused of falsifying an altercation with an angry fan at a recent concert in North Carolina. The "Rap diablo" (Devil's brain was in Greensboro on Tuesday (September 18) when someone from the crowd got in his face.

The fan, which was a large, burly man, was shouting to Kelly, but stopped short of touching it, leading TMZ to believe that it was a mount.

In a video obtained by the outlet, Kelly, safety does not enter in action, because probably if someone was threatening MGK up.

"You see that guy screaming at Kelly, and even intended to swing in your garbage," TMZ reports. "Kelly never flinches, and safety on the ground with him does not seem too worried."

From MGK and Eminem began to strengthen earlier this month, Kelly has been milking the situation. "Rap Diablo" merchandising for presumably anti-Eminem pictures, he's clearly reveling in every moment.

Meanwhile, MGK has announced its new Binge of the EP is expected to arrive on Friday (September 21).

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