Martin Shkreli eBay Sale Of Wu-Tang Clan "once Upon a Time In Shaolin" Is False

HipHop News Posted on September 20, 2017 at 8:49am

Martin Shkreli eBay Sale Of Wu-Tang Clan "once Upon a Time In Shaolin" Is False

EXCLUSIVE: Close Wu-Tang affiliate Matt "M-Eighty" Markoff explains why the "bid," not't legit.

Los Angeles, CA – When Martin Shkreli put his hands on the one and only copy (supposedly) of Wu-Tang Clan once Upon a Time In Shaolin in 2015, not only angered loyal Wu-Tang fans, but also by the left, the future of the album uncertain.

Someone in addition of Shkreli and the people that the hand-made get to hear it?

It was not that "the first, last and only" listening session in 2015 and the recent interview Shkreli where he nonchalantly played the 31-track album for almost two minutes in the background, but apart from that, most of the people do not know what the album sounds like.

Matt "M-Eighty" Markoff, close Wu-Tang affiliate who has worked as artist, A&R executive, and together with the Wu-Tang family for over 15 years, is trying to change that. On Sunday (17 September), eBay closed the bidding for Shkreli rare artifact, the infamous "Pharma Bro" was put on auction earlier this month. It was said that the "winning bid" was $1,025,100.

At the same time, what seemed to be a fact. An unidentified person was officially the owner of once Upon a Time In Shaolin — bad.

Markoff had already been negotiating with Shkreli behind the scenes — through text and emails, and was told that it was in the running for the album. He was the only person that submitted a formal bid and it looked like Markoff was on the verge of winning the auction.

But after Shkreli of $5 million bail was revoked and he went back to jail on Tuesday (12 September) for a Facebook post about Hillary Clinton, Markoff explained Shkreli was never able to finish the sale.

On Tuesday (19 September), Markoff received an email from a litigation attorney Scott Vernick, a partner at Fox Rothchild LLP, in Pennsylvania, which is in charge of the sale.

"We represent Martin Shkreli in this matter," Vernick wrote. "We have a competitive offering in $ 1 million of that has shown proof of funds, and is prepared to deposit money in an escrow account pending a he


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