Mase, Admits That I'm Never going to Be cool With cam'ron

HipHop News Posted on December 6, 2017 at 1:38am

Mase, Admits That I'm Never going to Be cool With cam'ron

Mase says his feud with Cam'ron could "end bad" for the Dipset rapper.

The rapper from Harlem Mase provided a clearer vision of why he dropped his thesis registration for cam'ron last month, during an appearance on The Angie Martinez show this week.

Mase continued his "enough is enough" of the defense, stating, "it's not going to stop if you don't say something," referencing the years of jabs from cam'ron (including some new in your Program mixtape), and the subsequent release of "The Oracle."

"Sometimes as a man, you just have to defend yourself. That's all it really was. I don't see more than that. I don't know what happened by someone else. I only know what happened to me," Mase explained.

there was an unexpected and interesting visit today from @rsvpmase!! full video link in the bio.

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Rapper turned pastor revealed that there are other aspects of his feud with Cam that is likely never to be made public.

"It was other things, but there are so many factors and layers that go into it," said Mase. "And I like to be always in a straight line and a straight, honest. Is so many other factors, but not everything can be discuss on the radio ... That he saw a person raping a person you know who was not in that kind of time. You could have taken a step forward and said something. No one said anything, so how long is this? Up to what age?"

"you can make money on something you're good" #mase

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Despite the fact that the beef be relatively tame through social media, Mase later he confessed that this current feud with cam'ron, which he says has been his rival for almost 20 years, has the possibility of "end bad for him."

In terms of the two Harlem rhymers never be in good terms again, Mase says that's not going to happen ever.

"When I was trying to do something positive. Every time they did something, that was agains


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