Mase Drops Wild cam'ron Diss Record In Response To "The Program" Excavations

HipHop News Posted on November 24, 2017 at 2:56am

Mase Drops Wild cam'ron Diss Record In Response To "The Program" Excavations

"Diplomat only means that you ain't here."

It was all good back in 2013, when the 40-year-old rapper Mase twitter a clear "no" in response to the alleged dispute between him and the companions of Children Of The Corn student cam'ron. "We don't have any supplements ... I can only comment on what is really right!"

That was then and this now, of 24 November, when the former Puff Daddy protégé fell from an insanely wild thesis log that point directly to the Harlem Diplomat.

After the Cam mentioned Mase on his new mixtape (in particular here), Mase is now shooting again, with very little cold in "The Oracle," recorded more than JAY-Z "Blueprint 2" instrumental.

GOING to the Beach with🙏🏽, Dallas tonight...I am on the road. Thx @lsrco for #TheProgram sweatshirt with a hood. Available soon. @sugadugga15 #TheProgramTour #FleeBarcelona

A post shared by @mr_camron on 19 November 2017, 8:57am PST

"Tax known as the nigga who snitched in the republic of china, DC Crips, only know that black shot him", raps prior to the addition of a charge of incest: "From the age of 10 years you have been a thirsty nigga, I'm not going to talk about the time you fucked your sister."

In the second verse, he attacks his Harlem state. "Diplomat can only mean that you are not from here ... had a career here, but y'all niggas done here," he spits. Among the more personal jabs, Mase seems to suggest that cam'ron was in some way responsible for the death of a mutual friend, the Harlem World rapper) Huddy 6, with the line "don't blame me for the past, and I don't blame you for the accident."

It also alludes to the Cam holding Juelz under a vague agreement ("stole Juelz on some Diddy shit"), and also directly refers to the Dipset as snitches. "Any nigga say that he got diplomatic immunity, are niggas that ratted or want to betray their community."

Before the references in the Program, The last public appearance of the beef came early this year when Cam is suggested in Instagram Live that


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