Master P Seeks To "Change The Game" With Coed Basketball League

HipHop News Posted on August 17, 2017 at 5:03am

Master P Seeks To "Change The Game" With Coed Basketball League

Master P and Tameka "Tiny" Harris are helping to bring to life the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League.

Master P is no stranger to the court, after having played both college and professional basketball. And with his latest venture, the Hip Hop businessman is looking to literally change the game.

P was recently appointed president of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League, and is also owner of the New Orleans Gators, a team from the league.

While speaking with the Limit Records founder revealed why it was important for him to work with a league that is not only one of the sexes.

"There are some great players of women's basketball at a professional level that are just as good as men," Master P said. "But we never see that...[Is] the change in the game when you see that they actually have some women that can compete with the men. That is what we are going to get out of this league."

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Later, in his interview, Master P revealed that it was a woman, his cousin, Adelene, who taught him to ring.

"I learned to play basketball from a woman," he said. "My cousin Adelene Rome taught me how to play basketball. She was good at that. She played with the boys; she was very hard."

In addition to the New Orleans Gators, other equipment in the World Mixed Gender Basketball League, which include the Washington, DC area of Fusion and the Atlanta Heirs. The Atlanta Heirs to the property of the singer and wife to rapper T. I., Tameka "Tiny" Harris.

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