MC Eiht Reveals the Origins Of Archiving the Film in Front of Bernie Mac & Lisa Raye

HipHop News Posted on June 27, 2017 at 3:45am

MC Eiht Reveals the Origins Of Archiving the Film in Front of Bernie Mac & Lisa Raye

#DXclusive: The "Reasons" for the movie's disappearance, is developed to the extent that the process of recording his new album with DJ Premier.

Los Angeles, CA – Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the MC Eiht's career is that we never saw in him an important role on the big screen after his outstanding performance in Menace II Society as the pac-pillin' South Central native, A Wax. While the Compton MC explains his lack of interest in Hollywood, disclosed a potential Blackbuster hit that was seized by the federal government before it could ever see the light of day.

"I've never actually made was after the film functions," Eiht explained during a recent episode of #DXLive." [If] someone to think I was fit for a party or do good in a particular situation, usually just let them come and ask me if I want to go down. As far as how to get an agent and goes after the movie roles, I never got into that. I was strictly emceeing. That was my thing. Many times, when you get into the Hollywood thing, you have to conform to someone that you really don't want to be or try to change something. I just felt that trying to keep my own authentic direction with the music that I would not go after roles. It is not that people do not call me that, but a lot of things was comedy fucking, a lot of things was Uncle Tom shit, so that only departed from him. I made Menace II Society, and then they came with thicker Than Water, and then I had a small role in the Highway Rick story. Just a little bit of shit. Who Made The Potato Salad, I did a little bit of paper. Then I shot a movie in Chicago, that he was called Reasons, but it was the government, the drug policy of shit for that seized control of the movie and never came out. We rode maybe 15 years ago. Bernie Mac was in it. Lisa Raye was in it. He was a drug movie. A guy named Nathaniel Hill; he was a big drug dealer, and he basically made a movie about it. They seized the film, because he basically told the story of how he came. He was in a world of execution, which extradited him to Africa. We shot it in Chicago. It took us maybe four months to shoot. Real great


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