MC Serch Details Birth Of '3rd Bass' High-Top Fade During 'Did I Ever Tell You The One About...MF DOOM' Podcast

HipHop News Posted on October 21, 2021 at 4:13pm

MC Serch Details Birth Of '3rd Bass' High-Top Fade During 'Did I Ever Tell You The One About...MF DOOM' Podcast

The inaugural episode premieres on October 25.

Legendary Hip Hop group 3rd Bass helped introduce Zev Love X — better known as MF DOOM — to the world with an appearance on “The Gas Face” single and video in 1989, launching the enigmatic MC into another realm.

From there, DOOM diligently worked on establishing his own solo career after his brother and fellow member of KMD, Subroc, was killed by a car while walking across a New York City street.

In a new installment of the Did I Ever Tell You The One About…podcast, host MC Serch explores the life of MF DOOM alongside members of the late Hip Hop icon’s family and friends. During the inaugural episode, MC Serch recalls a funny memory involving Subroc and Serch’s infamous high-top fade that actually has a more complicated history than one may realize.

“One of my favorite memories being at that house on Hudson street was the day that Subroc decided to give me a high-top fade,” Serch says. “We’re all in the basement, it was a Friday night and we were all getting our cuts and typically, Subroc would really clean up my Jew ‘fro. I had these really kinky curls, I was Jewish and … you get it. All of a sudden, he just said, ‘You know Serch, you probably could have a high-top fade.’


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“And the whole GYP [Get Yours Posse] looked around and were like, ‘No. You think?’ And he started edging me up. And he started ediging me up and he started cleaning up the sides, had the comb on the top and when he finished, everybody in the GYP was like, ‘Oh shit. That’s crazy.’ I didn’t need any hairspray. It just was there.”

That wasn’t the last time Subroc would style MC Serch’s hair. In 1989, he shaved “3rd Bass” into the back of his head for the aforementioned “Gas Face” video and “KMD” for KMD’


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