Meek Mill Dismantles Kanye West Last MAGICIAN Support

HipHop News Posted on October 1, 2018 at 7:19am

Meek Mill Dismantles Kanye West Last MAGICIAN Support


The aftermath of Kanye West's latest appearance on Saturday Night Live, has reopened the controversy about his support of Donald Trump. Yeezy's continued use of the "Make america Great Again" hat and a tweet about the abolition of the 13th Amendment have sparked the outrage.

Fellow celebrities like Captain America star Chris Evans has publicly criticized Kanye and the Hip-Hop community — in particular the majority of Swizz Beatz, has also reacted strongly to Yeezy the last MAGA approval. Hours after Kanye's MAGICIAN hat with tweet about the 13th Amendment was published, Meek Mill bluntly directed Kanye's love of the Trumpet-created slogan.

"Make america great again is the lack of respect", he wrote along with a link to a video of Kanye to see.

Make america great again is the lack of respect 🤷🏾♂️

— Meek Mill (@MeekMill) September 30, 2018

The accompanying video features an explanation of the Black Codes, which were laws passed after the abolition of slavery in the united states These include the vagrancy laws and the convict lease system, which were designed essentially to enslave the people again under a different name.

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Even though Kanye's original tweet was shocking, a large part of the controversy likely could have been avoided if it were not so poorly drafted. His subsequent tweets have already revealed their opinions are in line with the above video.

"The 13th Amendment is slavery in disguise meaning it never ended We are the solution that heals," Kanye wrote. "not to abolish, but. we are going to modify the 13th amendment. We apply the opinion of all our platform.

Take a look at Kanye's tweets below.

this represents the well and America becoming whole again. S


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