Murs Explains How His Love Of The Culture Of Gangs And Star Wars "Destroyed" Her Career

HipHop News Posted on February 20, 2018 at 6:52am

Murs Explains How His Love Of The Culture Of Gangs And Star Wars "Destroyed" Her Career

#DXCLUSIVE: The host of HipHopDX's The Breakdown also details the meaning behind their engagement rings.

Fort Collins, CO – As Murs preparing the release of his next album, A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable, the host of HipHopDX of The Rupture, has spent the last week in Colorado doing shows and appearing at random chats.

The Saturday (February 17), The Music district in Fort Collins, Colorado, hosted a conversation with Murs headed by Flobots' MC Stephen "Brer Rabbit" Brackett. Of losing your baby to their experiences with the Angels of the culture of the gang, the Strange Music Inc. signee was honest about his journey so far.

In a moment of discussion, Murs explained how his love of the nerd culture not only gave him the idea for their engagement rings, but also helped to shape his career.

This year I have lost a couple of loved ones. Some days are more difficult than others . But I'm still here. Very grateful to you. Still smiling'. Love y'all. Love the one to the other. @allsoulsprocessiontucson thanks. #ripbillpaxton #godblessthedead

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"This is my second marriage," Murs said. "This time, when I got engaged, I wanted to make rings that meant something. I have had Han Cholo, who is a nerd jeweler, we make class rings. One of them was the Rebel Alliance class ring, which was red and one of them was a Sonic The Hedgehog class ring, it was blue. I come from a gang culture in L. A. that I really respect. That has taught me a lot. It gets a negative rap, but the culture of the gang it was good for me.

"Thus, the red and the blue, symbolizing Bloods and Crips, and the unification with my wife. I knew that we were going to get different rings, but when I asked her to marry me, I wanted to be with something that I believed in. Sonic The Hedgehog, Star Wars, Bloods and Crips fit perfectly in my life [laughs]."

When asked how the gang culture and his preference for the "nerd things" helped in the way of what he was, Murs admitted that he thought that "destroyed" h


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