N. W. Gets A Rock And Roll Co-Sign Tom Morello

HipHop News Posted on May 17, 2016 at 5:32pm

N. W. Gets A Rock And Roll Co-Sign Tom Morello

"I think N. W. a is rock & roll as fuck," the legendary guitarist says.

The Rock and Rap continue to have a love-hate relationship and tension between the genres in which he has taken centerstage as the lead singer of KISS Gene Simmons blasting N. W. a, to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ice cube fired back, claiming that the Rock is more about a spirit of a genre of music. Simmons has since retracted his statements, but the stank is in the air.

The legendary guitarist Tom Morello, who actually induced KISS in the living Room in 2014, comes from N. W. to One side in the battle.

"While N. W. a may not be in line with the lyrics of rock and roll, they are definitely in keeping with the spirit of rock and roll" says Rolling Stone magazine. "Much more than many acts in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who played the guitar through Marshall amps. I think N. W. a is rock & roll as fuck and deserves to be there."

Rage Against the Machine member shared these feelings before in Instagram when he posted a picture of the World's Most Dangerous Group.

"Beyond ANY shadow of a doubt, the most 'rock n roll' segment of 2016 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was N. W. a," he writes to the title.

Morello, who has been a member of Audioslave and performs solo as The nightwatchman, he received the Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award from WhyHunger? for his work to raise awareness about poverty and hunger. While N. W. a has struggled against the thug image of his entire career, Morello says that there is a real threat to society that everyone must face.

"Poverty and hunger are not these facts that just came with the universe," says Morello. "Are man-made, and that is a crime. I feel that WhyHunger? they are crime fighters of the highest order, and it is a pleasure for me to be associated with them."

To read the full interview, visit Rolling Stone.

See Tom Morello's post about N. W. to be the Rock and Roll below:

Beyond ANY shadow of a doubt, the most "rock n roll" segment of 2016 Ro


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