Nicki Minaj Clears The Cardi B: "Has Developed His Career Out Of The Sympathy And Payola"

HipHop News Posted on September 10, 2018 at 7:51am

Nicki Minaj Clears The Cardi B: "Has Developed His Career Out Of The Sympathy And Payola"

Barbie is going at the next New York Fashion Week altercation.

Nicki Minaj returned for another wild episode of the Queen of the Radio Monday (10 September) with a quick call of Tekashi 6ix9ine, and special guest Funkmaster Flex. During the show, she walked to the Cardi B fight during the weekend.

The "Bodak Yellow" spitter allegedly attacked Nicki and former Love and Hip Hop: New York co-star Rah Ali in a Harper's Bazaar party during Fashion Week in New York.

Nicki referred to the incident as "mortifying" and "humiliating" and denies having said anything negative about Cardi the daughter of Kulture, which is supposedly at the root of the fight.

"I was in a Gaultier dress — off the muthafuckin' track — and I could not believe how humiliated we all felt because we ... made ourselves look — and I am back, but before I go, I want to say that I would never discuss any person of the son. And it is so sad that someone pin that on me because I am the bad guy of the movie and they're going to believe in them.

"I never wanted to talk about someone's child or for the rearing of the children ... It's crazy to me that people always need to do Onika the bad guy of the film. If you have reason in what you're doing ... just speak your truth."

Nicki doubled with, "I just want people to know that Onika Tanya Maraj never, never ... talk bad about anyone's child. I'm not a clown. That clown shit. The other thing is to tell the world something only because you look damn silly.

"You knew that when that material went out, went to look fucking foolish, so that your publicist — also in search of fucking stupid — and hurried up and put out a statement."

Nicki, below, reveals why she does not react and accuses Cardi not to earn their own success.

"I am a bad ass bitch I didn't even feel the need to defend myself that night," she says. "I just want everyone to marinate for two minutes. .. But we did listen to this woman said that nothing is off limits ... because she has built her career out of


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