No, The Soul of All the Catalog is On Bandcamp

HipHop News Posted on September 5, 2018 at 6:28am

No, The Soul of All the Catalog is On Bandcamp

#DXCLUSIVE: Tommy Boy Records' the President Rosie Lopez sets the record straight.

Of The Soul of the material of the Long Island trio of Tommy Boy Records days is not available on digital platforms.

So, when Bandcamp announced 1993's Buhloone Mindstate — the pioneering Hip Hop group's third studio album — was available on the site, some assumed that meant that all of your music is going to be available.

When initially approached with the information of Bandcamp was digitally accommodation of his music, The Soul's Maseo told DX, "Which is new to me."

New and Notable: @WeAreDeLaSoul's "Buhloone Mindstate" and other @tommyboyrecords classic now available in digital format and on vinyl.

— bandcamp (@Bandcamp) on September 4, 2018

But according to Tommy Boy President Rosie Lopez, the launch is part of a special vinyl pressing for Buhloone Mindstate of the 25th anniversary.

"Catalog is on Bandcamp," Lopez told HipHopDX in a statement by e-mail. "We pressed them Buhloone Mindstate in the color of vinyl for a unique (25th anniversary) Vinyl Me, Please release earlier this year and did a small run on black vinyl. Only 300 are available on Bandcamp. 500 copies will find their way into retail stores in November."

However, Lopez said that there is "more to come".

"We are in the process of preservation of all the analog tapes for all the albums and a plan to remaster and release of vinyl with audio of 24-bit next year."

In 2015, member Posdnous is directed to the legality of the situation during an interview with Bloomberg.

"Unfortunately, many of the first things that we did in Tommy Boy [Records], from what we understand, much of the legal language needed for a part of the contracts between ourselves, the owners of the master and the publishing, I guess that does not include the world of digital," Posdnous said. "It was almost specifically to vinyl, cassettes [and] Cds.

"So many of these contracts needed to be processed. So when it comes with the that it took


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