NYC's New Rap Prince J.I. Names Lil TJay, A Boogie, Roddy Ricch & Lil Durk For Melodic Posse Cut

HipHop News Posted on August 7, 2020 at 2:45am

NYC's New Rap Prince J.I. Names Lil TJay, A Boogie, Roddy Ricch & Lil Durk For Melodic Posse Cut

The Brooklyn rapper also names his top choices for a lyrical posse cut.

New York, NY – If there’s one thing New York rappers are good at, it’s jumping on a posse cut with their peers. Before melodic rap became the wave, New York artists would buddy up with some of their peers and drop a banger where each person got a chance to violate the microphone.

We haven’t seen much of posse cuts lately with this new era of New York rappers and their brand of melodic raps. Fortunately, there’s one up-and-coming artist who’s open to reviving the long-dormant form of song..centered-ad {

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During his conversation with HipHopDX, Brooklyn rapper J.I. gave his thoughts on which rappers he would like to be on a posse cut with. Given he can drop fiery bars on top of the melodies if need be, J.I. split his selections between a melodic and lyrical posse cut, respectively.

“With the melodies, I would probably put Lil Durk, Roddy Ricch, A Boogie and myself,” J.I. told HipHopDX. “Then I’d probably fit in Lil TJay, or if not him, then I’d probably fit in somebody else that does melodic rap.”

As for his choices on a lyrical posse cut, J.I. makes it known his bars are nothing to play with and something he wants to test because his selections are fiery spitters in their own right.

“If we’re talking bar for bar, I’d probably include Young M.A and Lil Wayne. You got to have Lil Wayne in there because he going crazy,”


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