OMB Peezy & Sherwood Marty Announce "Young & Reckless" Mixtape

HipHop News Posted on January 17, 2018 at 6:03am

OMB Peezy & Sherwood Marty Announce "Young & Reckless" Mixtape

Just in time for the season of Mardi Gras.

Two 300 Entertainment of the more recent signers are joining forces for a collaborative project. E-40 protected from the OMB Peezy, who released her debut EP last year, and Baton Rouge Sherwood Marty is scheduled to release a mixtape titled, Young And Reckless, on the 24th of January.

The 14-track collaboration features production by Q Red On The Track, Drum God, of the Store With Ken and Mitch Mule, among others. Sherwood Flame is the only guest that appear on the tape. Prior to its disclosure, Peezy, and Marty released the lead single "Accident" with the Flame.

Take a look at the list of songs for the Young And Foolhardy then. Listen to "the fall" above.

1. Run tha game [prod. Q Red On The Track]

2. Swerve [prod. Drum God]

3. Fall f. Sherwood Flame [prod. by Drum Dummie]

4. Right away [prod. Exotic Muzik]


6. Every Town f. Sherwood Flame

7. The Lights

8. Wit It [prod. Shop With Ken]

9. In This Bitch [prod. Q Red On The Track]

10. I'm The Shit [prod. Stroud]

11. Ready [prod. Bl$$D & Kilo, Key]

12. Thuggin' [prod. Q Red On The Track]

13. Ride Wit [prod. Mitch Mula]

14. Better Dayz [prod. Drum God]


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