O'shea Jackson Jr. Reveals, Music With Big Sean, Method Man & Lil Dicky Is On The Way

HipHop News Posted on April 18, 2018 at 11:51am

O'shea Jackson Jr. Reveals, Music With Big Sean, Method Man & Lil Dicky Is On The Way

#DXCLUSIVE: While in #DXLIVE, the young Ice Cube also talked about his upcoming blockbuster movie "Godzilla: the King of All Monsters' and working with 50 Cent.

Los Angeles, CA – it Is a gift and a curse being the son of a superstar but O'shea Jackson Jr. is making your own path, without avoiding the path that his famous father, the Ice Cube in the driveway.

"[As an actor entering the rap] you really can't do too much with the letters that without them the pigeonholing you or force you to stay within these general rules, because they don't look like that no more, so, my way to be back in the music was really started to take producing seriously," Jackson Jr. he said the DXLive of the crew. "Once you make the beats that you can't be angry with you for the content. I've been making beats since I was 15 years old. It is something that I would like to do to keep the brain going and just keep that part of me life, he added.

Breaking out in Hip-Hop is hard, no matter where an aspiring artist, but it is exponentially more difficult when the whole world knows that he grew up rich and with the benefits of having a father who happens to be a Hip Hop pioneer. But O'shea Jackson Jr. it brought attention to something Chris Rock said that in the year 2003. "If the rhythm is good that I am going to dance all night." Instead of trying to break through the over-saturation of Hip Hop landscape as an artist, the Den Of Thieves star is using his production skills to kick in the door.

The young O'shea may not be a household name in the music side of things, but he has some credits, including songs of his own such as "OMG" and the collaboration with his father "Reckless In The Booth," but with the connected with him in his ascent to the big screen fame, he is now looking to flex in the world with some high powered collabos.

"Always within the arts that is my go to, and what I have been doing now is to reach out to all the artists that I have met through this journey, and only by being good and I got a couple of 'em to spit on these bars and we are going to possibly get an album or a compilation," Jackson Jr. revealed.


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