Petition Calls For Method Man & Redman To Star In "How High 2"

HipHop News Posted on October 10, 2018 at 9:45am

Petition Calls For Method Man & Redman To Star In "How High 2"

"This is a travesty and an injustice!"

After the news broke that Method Man and Redman would not be the protagonist of the sequel to the 2001 cult classic film How High, fans of the original were not very happy. Subsequently, a petition was filed to get the famous Hip-Hop duo appear on the way in 2 High.

The petition says, in part, "This is a travesty and an injustice! We need your signature to show that they need to be included in the sequel."

Months before the 2 How it began the production, the Meth and the Red touched on the High and proves the film to teach them how to treat people.

"I learned from my culture of being nice to people on set from on High," Redman said HipHopDX in the month of April. "When you have a set for nothing, when you have all the staff happy, as in the movie, everyone was happy to come in every fucking day. On some real shit.

"The grips, around the world," Meth added.

Redman continued, "The grips, the people that sweep the floor, and were happy to come to work each day. That is what I have learned. That's what I fucking learned. Why, because I'm a nice guy anyway to the people, but that's what I fucking learned to actually transmit that energy to one because once you are a idiot, that shit spreads."

According to TMZ, How High 2 is "fundamentally different from the version OG." Last month, Lil Yachty confirmed that the protagonist of the next made-for-tv movie.

As of publication, the petition has received more than 2,000 signatures.


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