Playboi Carti Accused Of Stealing From Rock Band: 'Cease & Desist Mr. Rapper Boi'

HipHop News Posted on December 22, 2020 at 11:14pm

Playboi Carti Accused Of Stealing From Rock Band: 'Cease & Desist Mr. Rapper Boi'

"This un original ass dude got 24 hours," says Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse.

Playboi Carti fans were elated on Monday (December 21) when he announced his long-awaited Whole Lotta Red album would be released on Christmas Day, but he might have found himself in a spot of legal trouble in the process.

Lead vocalist of rock band Falling In Reverse, Ronnie Radke, has accused the rapper of stealing his design for the album’s merchandise. The 37-year-old aired his frustration on his Instagram Stories, calling out Carti directly with a screenshot of the t-shirt he alleges uses plagiarization..centered-ad {

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“@playboicarti cease and desist mr rapper boi stop stealing,” he wrote. “Bro the first shirt is a Bad Religion album!! And the second is my [band], this unoriginal ass dude got 24 hours.”

He also commented on the Instagram post where Playboi Carti revealed the cover art and release date for his album.

“Take my band name off your merch on your store,” he demanded. “Or I’ll just take all the money you [make] from it. Either way.”

Falling In Reverse Lead Singer @ronnieradke Calls Out Playboi Carti For Ripping Designs And Drops Merch Ripping Playboi Carti Merch In Response👀

— HypeNeverDies (@HypeNeverDies) December 23, 2020

A representative for Ronnie Radke also sent a cease and desist email to Carti’s team citing trademark infringement.

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