Pop Smoke Murder: 4 Charged With 2 Faces Possible Death Penalty

HipHop News Posted on July 13, 2020 at 10:42am

Pop Smoke Murder: 4 Charged With 2 Faces Possible Death Penalty

Two teenagers have also been accused of murder and theft in juvenile court.

Two adults and two teenagers have been officially charged with the murder of Pop Smoke. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office announced charges against Corey Walker, of 19 years, and Keandre Rodgers, 18 years of age, as well as two minors, on Monday (July 13).

Walker and Rodgers were accused of murder occurring during the commission of a robbery and burglary, making them eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. The two also face gang and firearm-related complaints. .centered-ad {

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Two unknown teenagers, with ages between 15 and 17 years, have been accused of a charge of murder and robbery in juvenile court. Their identities have not been publicly revealed because they are minors.

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On the 13th of July 2020

Prosecutors say the four suspects broke into a Hollywood Hills home where Pop was staying at around 4 the morning of February 19. The deceased rapper, whose real name was Bashar al Jackson, was shot during a confrontation with the intruders, and later died in a local hospital.

Los Angeles police arrested Walker, Rodgers, the two teenagers and a 21 year old man named Jaquan Murphy in connection with the Pop in the murder on the 9th of July. According to the los Angeles Times, Murphy is facing murder and att


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