Pusha T Thinks To Make Bloated Albums For The Transmission Of The Numbers Is Cheating

HipHop News Posted on October 10, 2018 at 9:19am

Pusha T Thinks To Make Bloated Albums For The Transmission Of The Numbers Is Cheating

A sly jab at Drake.

Berlin, Germany – Pusha T, of course, is not a fan of the artists overload their albums with songs to play with the streaming system. During a conversation with the journalist Anupa Mistry on the 2018 Red Bull Music Festival in Berlin, the G. O. O. D. Music president revealed his disdain for the tactic as he explains how Kanye West persuaded him to do DAYTONA seven track album.

"What really sold me, because [Kanye] knows that I am against the idea that all the world, by as 25 tracks of an album by the streams and all that," he said in around 49 minutes. "Such is the poverty way of cheating to me. I'm not in it. So I was like, 'you know what, you are correct. We need to be totally against everything, and we need to just have a whole other mantra in relation to what we are doing in this wave."

Pusha criticism could be seen as another jab at his rival Drake, whose latest album Scorpion includes 25 songs. Drizzy previously has generated huge streaming numbers, with their 20 track album of Views, and their 22-song playlist More than Life.

Despite the fact that the rules have changed with time, the Billboard currently has 1,250 subscription streams as one album unit sold and 3,750 ad-supported audio streams as one album unit sold.

The Recording Industry Association of America estimated 1,500 on-demand audio and/or video sequences as an album sold for the purpose of certification.

Under these rules, the artists have an incentive to package projects with a lot of songs to generate additional sequences. By doing so, it provides more opportunities for move-equivalent units, which enables them to climb the Billboard charts and get the gold or platinum certifications.

See the whole conversation with Pusha T at the top so that the memories of his early rap days, the thoughts on his controversial DAYTONA cover art, and much more.


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