Questlove Lists 40 Reasons Why The Prince Was Hip Hop

HipHop News Posted on May 29, 2016 at 2:13pm

Questlove Lists 40 Reasons Why The Prince Was Hip Hop

#29: Parental Advisory was invented because of him.

Questlove has been one of the most eloquent voices in honor of the Prince and of the late pop superstar of the importance of Hip Hop, even the introduction of Madonna's (poorly received) a musical tribute in the 2016 Billboard Awards on May 22.

The Roots drummer recently listed dozens of ways in which the "Purple Rain", the singer of adjustment in the rap landscape in a long caption of a photo of The Source of the Prince inspired in the cover.

Check out Questlove from the list below.

1. Wine of those at home.

2. The limited access to the music forces him to create his own world of music.

3. Overcame poverty.

4. Creates the fictional background stories to keep the press guessing.

5. Lives by the DIY creed.

6. Leads the fashion of the taboos and becomes the main stream and acceptable.

7. Cock blocks and steals your lady in the low (ask Rick).

8. Puts your computer in to get offers and turns them into stars.

9. Pretty much wrote the book on gettin some better than any of his contemporaries.

10. Had beef with his peers who hated him.

11. Invented the remix (not disco edits, but the reinvention of the version of the album).

12. Played mystery of the card—think of what I wanted—gave the press the middle finger.

13. Ghostwrote for all.

14. Used crazy alias.

15. He refused to be ordinary and prevented the proper English language as two ways of communicating.

16. I knew that the B-side wins again and again.

17. Uses the exotic honey to your advantage.

18. Uses their music to give their points of view on the po po, politicians, gun control, war, God, plazas and "the man".

19. It became a long music video in a revolution.

20. Best drum machine programmer ever.

21. Uses synthesizers as a way of life.

22. You could make a whole album in less than a week.

23. Ball so hard in Paris and other parts of France, so they made a mov


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