R. Kelly's Ex Allegedly Slapped, Kicked And Forced Sex Riddled With Abusive Relationship

HipHop News Posted on October 23, 2017 at 12:28pm

R. Kelly's Ex Allegedly Slapped, Kicked And Forced Sex Riddled With Abusive Relationship

More blunt accusations of the singer's treatment of women.

R. Kelly faces more allegations of physical, mental and sexual abuse in a new feature for Rolling Stone. DJ Kitti Jones, an ex-girlfriend Kelly and a member of the inner circle mentioned in the Buzzfeed story of the singer's alleged sex cult, opened up about the alleged torment she faced during her relationship with R&B superstar.

Jones says that the abuse began in November 2011 after she confronted him about the now infamous video that was at the heart of Kelly's child pornography trial. The conversation took place over the phone while she went to Dallas around thanksgiving. When she returned to Chicago, an enraged Kelly kicked and slapped him several times on his drive home.

"I was going to start kicking me, telling me that I was a stupid bitch [and] do not always put in your business," he told Rolling Stone.

Thanks @rollingstone That allowed me to put EXACTLY how it happened! I decided to make this with the REAL JOURNALISM is not a blog for gossip that does not take this type of issues seriously BLACK WOMEN, and post-it for fun and expect despicable and low-class people to comment on everything, but the truth. Any person with at least 15-20 minutes today, please read the ARTICLE in FULL before issuing a judgment is long and detailed, keep in mind I have moved it has been exactly 4 years and if you read the ENTIRE article, you will understand why I'm talking about now and why I waited so long! — Kitti Jones ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼

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Jones alleges that she was abused 10 times in their first year of life with Kelly. The increase of the frequency in the subsequent year, but shortly stopped during his 2012 Single Ladies tour.

"The abuse was heavy before the tour," he said. "Then, when the tour came, he treated me like a princess. I thought, 'Why did I leave this?'"

Kelly even deployed Jones in her live show. She believes that the singer change


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