Ralo Actions Of "Conspiracy" Project From Behind Bars

HipHop News Posted on October 11, 2018 at 9:00am

Ralo Actions Of "Conspiracy" Project From Behind Bars

With the help of YFN Lucci, Shy Glizzy and Young Scooter, among others.

Ralo is currently locked in a conspiracy to distribute marijuana charge, but that's not stopping him from releasing music. The Famerica Records founder has dropped his new project Conspiracy, offering an early stream before it goes to live in points of sale and subscription of the services.

"I have decided to drop this project because I wanted to have a project on the streets before I got out of jail," Ralos said Complex, who premiered the stream. "This project speaks a lot about my current situation. I have made these songs leading up to my arrest, and I want people to hear my side of the story. It is a real project, and there is talk of a large amount of people who are currently and have been in my situation."

See Ralo of the Conspiracy of power, the cover art and the tracklist below.

1. Rich Black Man (The Last ReUp)

2. The World Against Me

3. Mom Praying (Pray For Me)

4. Go Home f. Becky Badass

5. Remember Me

6. I'm just Trying to Live

7. The heads make Sure f. YFN Lucci

8. Streak

9. Same to Me f. Shy Glizzy

10. It's never Too Late f. Young Scooter

11. The circles

12. Make a f. Dumafamgoon, Louieyski, Or Dad & Jean Déau


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