Ralo Arrested For Conspiracy To Commit A Crime

HipHop News Posted on April 18, 2018 at 4:51am

Ralo Arrested For Conspiracy To Commit A Crime

The journal continues.

In the County of DeKalb, GEORGIA, Atlanta rapper Ralo — real name Terrell Davis — was arrested in DeKalb County jail on the morning of Saturday (April 14). According to the web site of the DeKalb County, 23 years old, was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, despite his imprisonment, the profile indicates that the charges have been dropped.

In February, Ralo, was arrested for driving with a suspended license. After the incident, he told his side of the story in an Instagram post and said that he was arrested because he is the "#1 most hated type of man in this country."

Young, Black, Intelligent, Rich, a Muslim. #1 most hated type of person in this country. On my birthday I was removed due to the cancellation of the registration. GA law states that on the day of your birthday you have to renew your registration. 2) In your computer system my license was suspended. 3) did not have proof of insurance. My bail was paid b4 I walked into the jail. Kristie made sure of that. I went to court this morning, for some strange reason my license is active, why da fuck would you pay ah half ah million dollars for a car a do not have health insurance??? #DiaryOfTheStreets3

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The Gucci Mane affiliate's latest project, the Newspaper Of The Streets 3, was launched on 9 February and served as his seventh mixtape.


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