Redman Tells The World that He is Incredible, "Already!" Video

HipHop News Posted on July 25, 2018 at 8:08am

Redman Tells The World that He is Incredible, "Already!" Video

A teaser for "muddy Waters".

The Fans do not hear Redman, the long-awaited, Muddy Waters Too until 2019, but the Funk Doc is still providing listeners with new music. The Def Squad rhymer the last drop is a video for her latest single, "Already!"

The high energy that arrives to the heels of your "I Love Hip Hop" anthem, which celebrates the '90's. As a clue, "Now!" is anchored by some vintage boom bap drums, providing the background of Reggie Noble, powerful rhymes.

B. T. S "AS" Video of @rivetingentertainment @redmangilla @bougeworldwide @kianawouldvmnnnn @iamzonta @buzzwithbee @mike_n_keys

A post shared by the Official Redman IG (@redmangilla) on July 17, 2018 at 10:51am PDT

Although these singles will only increase the anticipation of Muddy Waters Too, Redman believes that the LP worth the wait. In June, he spoke to HipHopDX about what fans can expect.

"I can say to the fans that know, Redman and the quality of my work that you will not be disappointed," he told DX. "I am confident in my statement of the reason [that] I'm not afraid. I am not afraid to represent the '90 era and taste. I'm not afraid to go back to that analog sound and feel, while all the digital world. The '90s fuckin' rule hands down, and you hear my album the love I have for my time!"

Watch the red man "Already!" video above. Stream or purchase the single here.


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