Rich The Kid Denies N-Word Dropping White Suburban Kids Snatched His Chain

HipHop News Posted on December 28, 2020 at 11:30am

Rich The Kid Denies N-Word Dropping White Suburban Kids Snatched His Chain

The 'Plug Walk' rapper is calling cap and pulling the receipts to prove it.

Rich The Kid is calling cap on the kids who claim to have snatched his chain.

In a post on his Instagram Story on Monday (December 28), the “Plug Walk” rapper responded to the kids who’d been taunting what appeared to be his chain and showed off the real piece. .centered-ad {

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“Stop posting that fake chain the real one VVS,” he wrote on his story with a video of his chain that has his name and “CEO” engraved in the back.

A group of white teens have been posting with a similar chain and claiming to have stolen it from him, gleefully dropping the n-word in the process.

“Where the fuck you at, n-gga?” they yell in one video. “We just took that n-gga’s shit, man. No cap!”

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Rich hasn’t been having the smoothest time as of late, and just recently went on a rant about the “bloodsucking mothafuckas” in the music industry.

“The industry is full of lying, stealing, blood sucking mothafuckas fr,” Rich wrote on his Instagram Story last week. “they will hate you talk shit about ya and the whole time be dead ass broke.”

Prior to that, he had a string of incidents that included getting kicked off of a flight for allegedly smelling like weed, a $2.1 million suit from Fashion Nova, a $1.1 million order to pay his former managers


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