Rick Ross Joins Cast Of "Meet The Blacks", Sequel Of "The House Next Door"

HipHop News Posted on November 13, 2017 at 1:37am

Rick Ross Joins Cast Of "Meet The Blacks", Sequel Of "The House Next Door"

The sequel to "Meet The Blacks", is currently shooting in Atlanta.

Atlanta, GA – Rick Ross has joined the cast of the upcoming comedy The House Next door, a sequel to 2016 to Comply with The Black, according to Deadline.

The film, directed by Deon Taylor, the star, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Bresha Webb, Zulay Hena, Andrew Bachelor (also known as the social media star King Bach), Lil Duval, Michael Blackson, Tyrin Turner and Danny Trejo.

"Focuses on the stressed Carl Black (Epps) who, after surviving a night of terror and becoming a best-selling author, is moving his family back to his childhood home where they are expected to work on a new book," Deadline writes. "But when their unusual neighborhood becomes the host of a mysterious flamboyant pimp (Williams), Carl's work is interrupted as his cousin becomes convinced that the new neighbor is a vampire and is trying to steal Carl's entire family away."

Comply with The Blacks raised $ 9 million in the box office when it premiered in the year 2016.

This is not The Teflon is Not the first foray into the world of cinema. In 2008, he starred in the Los Angeles-based crime drama Days of Wrath, which with the time had a national release in 2014, after multiple delays. In 2013, the MMG frontman also had a brief role in the second season of STARZ' period drama Magic City.

Earlier this year, Rick Ross revealed that he was teaming up with Gucci Mane for an independent film project, though details have remained scarce.

"ATL should love the fact that me and Guwop is going to film our first movie," Rozay said at the end of March. "We're going to do that independently. We gon' be starting that in the next three months. To come. It is official. They gon' see us diverted."


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