Rob $tone is angry to More of A "One-Hit Wonder" Label

HipHop News Posted on January 25, 2017 at 6:49am

Rob $tone is angry to More of A "One-Hit Wonder" Label

EXCLUSIVE: "Chill Bill" author says that there's more in store where that came from.

Los Angeles, CA – Sunday, 2017 Martin Luther King Jr., Weekend day translated to "move up" to the majority who do not have work in the morning Meanwhile, in the Center of L. A., the World of the Theatre there was a line wrapped around the room, with a crowd of people eager to enter. This night was the Jae Murphy birthday celebration with headliners Rob $tone and MadeinTYO.

Backstage (in the basement below), the young people of San Diego MC is in the corner rolling up some bleezies with his team heavily around him. While DX I was hoping to do the interview right then and there, his manager revealed that he needed a minute to get in your area.

When Rob was ready, it was agreed between both parties to chat in the interior of a small room in the corner. His homies followed him one by one, which resulted in a giant hotbox. It was a packed house, and all ears were on us.

The conversation began to investigate how Rob landed on the bill this night. He said: "He [Jae Murphy] just hit me and it was like, 'Yo, I fuck with his music. We want you to come and rock with us.'"

"Chill Bill" is up to 61.5 million views on Youtube. 🔥 Thanks Rob $tone to chop with us last night! 🙏🏼 #DTLA

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Rob is paired headlining with Madeintyo, both of which have one thing in common: a viral success. While "Uber everywhere" is a song in question to this generation (which in reality the units more?), "Chill Bill" is a banger with a beat that has you require to know the artist. When asked about the music video of reach 61.5 million views, Rob comments, "is turned on. It's still amazing, of truth. I don't know, I'm just riding. It is a madness."

Rob also refuses to be called a one-hit wonder: "That shit be pissing me off. People come to me with that shit. That shit be pissing me off. 'The cause of my hot shit."Stay tuned as he is currently working on his next project, which rem


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