Russell Simmons Details Of Why Rick Rubin Left Def Jam

HipHop News Posted on May 1, 2016 at 4:00pm

Russell Simmons Details Of Why Rick Rubin Left Def Jam

Rick Rubin, co-founder of Def Jam, with Russell Simmons in 1983.

Russell Simmons details of the reason why he and Rick Rubin split, five years after the founding of Def Jam, in an interview with VladTV.

The couple set the record for the company Rubin of the New York University dorm room in 1983, releasing the records of LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys.

The combination of Rubin's Rock knowledge, and Simmons ' knowledge of Hip Hop is what helped define Def Jam as a label and also play a role in the pairs of creative differences.

"Well, if he is doing Slayer and I'm here doing Oran "Juice" Jones, where the common thread?" Russell asked. "Neither one of us. That should have been in the study by Run DMC, which is what I think. We must have done the following Run DMC album. He was not ready to do the Public Enemy because he does not want anyone near them. They were like, 'fuck away from us. All niggas', and became the second Public Enemy album was the best album of Def Jam ever made."

Rick Rubin left Def Jam in 1988 and currently operates American Records, formerly of Def American Records, which focuses mainly on the Rock talent.

In 1999, Simmons sold the last of his Def Jam shares for $100 million, and talks about what it was like to make the decision to move away from the company that he helped build.

"I'm doing Def Comedy Jam, I was doing Phat Farm, I was doing other things," the Hip-Hop mogul says in the interview. "There were people more intelligent than people of my work there. Lyor [Cohen] was brilliant. Kevin Liles was great. Mike Kaiser, was great. Julie Greenwald was brilliant. I'm going to build a shit and then, when all the world is more intelligent than I get out of the way."

This month, Russell Simmons and All Def Digital launched their in-house creative agency, the ADHD. ADHD's goal is to help brands and advertisers reach the Hip Hop demographic in more authentic ways.

The full VladTV interview with Russell Simmons is as follows.


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