Russian Rap Battle Racks Up 15 million Views In 3 Days

HipHop News Posted on August 16, 2017 at 3:24am

Russian Rap Battle Racks Up 15 million Views In 3 Days

Oxxxymiron does it again.

"War and Peace". "Crime and Punishment". Oxxxymiron vs Slava KPSS.

All the triumphs of the calligraphy in Russian.

While even the most popular of America of the rap battle, as a maximum of a couple of million views on YouTube (a feat that can sometimes take years to get), Russian league Face is running beyond its competence — since accumulating nearly 15 million visits in a one-hour video that came out on the 13th of August.

The battle, which went down in St. Petersburg before, in August, it went crazy-viral in Russia, a country famous for his skill with the written word.

We cannot understand anything of that, of course, but if you trust your Russian-speaking skills, then check out the battle below.

One of the competitors, Oxxxymiron, had been undefeated until he came up against his opponent, who took the W after a unanimous decision of the five judges.

As one of the biggest Russian Hip-Hop figures, Oxxxymiron battle rap performances have always generated huge interest, but nothing on this scale before.

According to a detailed document by The Calvert Journal, "Even RIA Novosti, one of the biggest Russian news agencies, has published four news stories and a large role in the battle in the last two days."

After his defeat, Oxxxymiron shared in-depth Instagram post following the battle.

Пара слов о баттле (спойлеры) 1. После драки кулаками не машут (объясните это СТ, который до сих пор доказывает, что выиграл). Поэтому судейское решение я, разумеется, принимаю. 2. На мероприятии были судьи, потому что я поставил такое условие. Вариант "мы час срем друг друга просто так, для взаимного промо" был для меня исключен, т.к. это не дружески


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